Descubre las ferias más importantes del sector del marisco

The most important seafood exhibitions in the industry

Get to know the most important seafood exhibitions in the sector, such as the Seafood Expo North America or the Seafood Expo Global celebrated in Barcelona.

It is vitally important to keep an eye on the most important seafood exhibitions in the sector. It is at these events that suppliers, distributors, and many stakeholders in the seafood industry present and show the world the latest in products, equipment, services, technological advances and innovations.


In addition, it is a great networking opportunity since they are events that have the presence of companies, professionals, and suppliers from around the world related to the seafood industry.

Seafood Exhibitions: The most relevant events in America 

Seafood Expo North America (Boston, USA)

This event is considered the largest seafood trade show in North America, held in the Convention and Exhibition Center of Boston. 

It attracts over 20,000 buyers and suppliers of frozen, packaged, fresh and value-added seafood products, as well as related services and equipment. It hosts around 1000 international exhibitors every year with 86% of buyers having a direct influence on the purchasing decisions. 

Participants travel from over 100 countries around the world to do business at this event. It is a great space for seafood professionals to have direct access to suppliers and qualified buyers representing all areas of the seafood industry. 

The next edition will take place from the 12th of March to the 14th of March 2023. Along with our distributor partner Camanchaca, a Chilean fishing and aquaculture company, we have participated in this event in previous years. For instance, in 2017 we presented new products from our ‘’Pier 33 Gourmet’’ label. This year in 2023, Krustagroup will also be present at the Seafood Expo North America to keep building business opportunities. 

Seafood Show Latin America (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

This event took place in the event center Pro Magno in Sao Paulo (Brazil). It originated with the purpose to consolidate and promote the fish market in Brazil and nowadays is considered the first event focused on the commercial exchange of fish across the continent.


Seafood Show Latin America is a B2B event for producers, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, importers, exporters, food service, and manufacturers of auxiliary machinery. 


It is promoted by Francal Feiras – the country’s largest promoter of national capital for business events – and Seafood Brasil – a platform of communication aimed to promote and incentivize consumption as well as generate business for the entire production chain.


It also serves as a meeting point to discuss relevant issues such as regional trade and to deal with the recurring border problem for the entry of Argentine hake filet. 


The next edition will take place in the Pro Magno in Sao Paulo like previous years, from the 24th to the 26th of October 2023.


The most relevant international Seafood Exhibitions 

Seafood Expo Global (Barcelona, Spain)

The Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global, also known as the European Seafood Fair, is a highly regarded seafood trade show that takes place once a year. This fair is run by professionals from the seafood business, both retailers and wholesalers, where sellers and buyers of seafood from all over the world meet. Specifically, there are around 77 countries represented by exhibiting suppliers at this fair.


Its objective is to provide seafood buyers with sourcing opportunities so that they can make the best purchasing decision for their companies and offer sellers business opportunities. According to the data collected in the 2022 edition, 72% of the participants who were looking to place an order or designate a supplier achieved their objectives. In addition, 72% of salespeople met their goals of generating new sales leads.


In addition, something that stands out from this fair is its Elite Seafood Contest where a distinguished group of seafood experts are in charge of judging each participant based on originality, taste, packaging, nutrition and the potential that they have on the market.


It should be noted that since 2021, Barcelona has been the venue for this international fair. In fact the next Seafood Expo Global 2023 will be held from April 25 to 27 at the Fira Barcelona on Gran Vía. Krustagroup has previously participated in this event with great success, in 2023 we will have our exhibitor stand again to continue leaving our mark at a fair as renowned as this one.

CONXEMAR (Vigo, Spain)

CONXEMAR is the acronym for the Spanish Association of Wholesalers, Importers, Transformers and Exporters of Fishing and Aquaculture Products. Every year they celebrate the International Frozen Seafood Fair that has been held in recent years in Vigo (Pontevedra), Spain.

It is a B2B meeting space for professionals in the wholesale, import, and export sectors, distributors, manufacturers, refrigerators, machinery, and auxiliary industry (packaging, plastics, refrigeration, etc.). All working or with an interest in the frozen fish or seafood sector. In addition to offering a space for discovery and potential collaboration, it is a fair where topics such as shrimp and squid research, market trends and strategies to stop the crisis have been discussed.

Every year it welcomes more than 400 exhibitors from more than 40 international countries. For example, in the 2022 edition, international organizations and representatives such as the Ministry of Agricole Alimentari and Forestali of Italy and Pro Ecuador, the Commercial Office of the Republic of Ecuador in Spain, participated.

The twenty-fourth edition will be held on Tuesday 3, Wednesday 4 and Thursday 5 October.


China Fisheries & Seafood Expo (Qingdao, China)

This is a highly successful international seafood fair, held at the Hongdao International Convention and Exhibition Center (HICEC), the largest in North China with 60,000 square meters.

It should be noted that China is considered the largest and fastest-growing seafood market in the world. For this reason, this fair is a great opportunity for professionals in the sector. In fact, this fair is capable of including more than 35,000 leading industry professionals and major international buyers. Around 80% of the exhibitors, who have already obtained at this fair, have returned to continue exhibiting their products.

The main objective of the China Fisheries & Seafood Expo is to enable market leaders to forge new business with potential customers and expand their presence in this promising country for the industry.

The next opening of the event in 2023 is from October 25 to 27, 2023.


Nor-fishing (Trondheim, Norway)

This international fishing fair located in Trondheim, Norway invites exhibitors to present the latest trends in fishing, navigation equipment, fishing boats, safety equipment, products, and much more. Exhibitors can interact with potential clients and partners as well as with the exhibitors themselves. An ideal event for businessmen within the fishing sector or people with an interest in fish and shellfish.


It has been held every two years since 1960, the next edition will be between Tuesday 20 and Thursday 22 August 2024.


SEAFEX (Dubai, UAE) 

Seafood and fish exhibition fair from the Middle East and Africa region, located in the Dubai World Trade Center. It is an important exhibition where catering companies, importers, retailers, exporters, as well as restaurant and hotel owners meet.

Around 100 exhibitors from 30 countries attend. Fish and shellfish are presented, as well as logistics chains from cold storage to the packaging process. This event offers contests, debates, and seminars, as well as a space for exhibitors to present their new products.


The next edition will take place on February 20, 2023 until the 24th of that same month.


Seafood Expo Asia (Singapore)

It is part of the Seafood Expo group, its counterpart in Asia. Focused on the Asian region and is celebrated in Singapore. It is a space aimed at buyers and sellers of fish and shellfish, in order to bring together highly qualified professionals and potential customers.

Many activities are offered at Seafood Expo Asia such as cooking demonstrations, master classes and seminars. An excellent guide for entrepreneurs who want to expand into the Asian seafood market.


The next fair will be presented for 3 days, from September 11 to September 13, 2023.

Krustagroup: Our participation in Seafood Exhibitions

Another event in which Krustagroup has participated is the Salón Gourmets 2022 Exhibition in Barcelona, the largest quality food and beverage event in Europe. Both national and international professionals from the gastronomic sector participate in this fair. The participation in the HIP 2020 exhibition in Madrid, aimed at the restaurant and hotel sector, is also noteworthy.

Krustagroup’s objective is to obtain a final product with the highest quality standards, always respecting sanitary, production and logistics requirements. In addition, we carry out our operations respecting the environment and practicing sustainable fishing.


At Krustagroup we have more than 20 years of expertise in the seafood sector. For this reason, we are pleased to highlight our participation in the three days of the Seafood Expo Global 2022


In this internationally recognized event we have offered our range of GRAND KRUST products, aimed at the final public and KRUSTASUR brand products aimed at distributors and companies in the Horeca sector. In addition, together with the association made with Food Partners Patagonia, we have presented the wild Argentine shrimp caught in cold waters, using the latest technology and applying integrated production processes.



After its highly successful debut at the Fira de Barcelona located on Gran Vía, the...

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