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Krustagroup, supplier of seafood for distributors of the Food Service channel (restaurants, hotels and catering). With special prices for our distributors. 

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Wholesale distributor of seafood and fish

Are you looking for a seafood supplier? You are in the right place. For several years, we have been seafood distributors for Food Service channels. We lead the wild seafood & fish sector.


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Seafood we recommend for your
Food Service client

Austral Prawn or Argentine Prawn


We are experts in the selection of the best Argentine prawns, also known as Patagonian prawn, Argentine prawn or southern prawn. Coming from sustainable wild fishing, we offer your Food Service customers the best product.


Undoubtedly, its characteristic delicious flavor and its smooth texture make the Argentine prawn a very popular option among kitchen professionals and, above all, the star choice of diners.

"Guarantee of success for any restaurant!”
“The southern shrimp is the perfect seafood for any menu!”

We put at your disposal different packaging formats such as:

Boxes of 1kg, 2kg, different sizes

We also understand the needs of your Food Service clients, and for this reason, we have adapted the product and market the southern shrimp in the following ways:


  • Whole raw Argentine shrimp
  • Argentine shrimp tail (peeled and deveined raw)

Penaeus vannamei shrimp

The vannamei prawn or shrimp is another ideal option for our Food Service distributor customers.


The star of a multitude of gourmet dishes from restaurants and seafood restaurants, it is a guarantee of success on any letter or menu.

Other varieties of prawns

In our seafood catalog you cannot miss other varieties of prawns for our Food Service distributor clients such as tiger prawn, banana prawn, king prawn, scarlet shrimp.

Fish, octopus and others
shellfish for Food Service

You may also be interested in our offer of fish salmon and tunaOr you can even offer your customers cooked octopus, squid ring, squid tube, scallops, mussels, and scampi especially for catering.

Ask us and we will offer you a personalized proposal.

Special prices for distributors of the Food Service channel

At Krustagroup we make personalized rates depending on the product you need, the amount of seafood or fish and the frequency, for this reason, we want to get in touch with you.

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“The best seafood for your business from Krustagroup”

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We have a team of sales representatives with years of experience in the horeca sector who will listen to your needs and ensure that your orders are always processed quickly and efficiently.

We have more than 10 offices around the world to provide our customers and partners with the best possible customer service.

Why choose Krustagroup as your
Food Service distributor?

We sell more than 18,000 tons of seafood per year and our factory in Huelva alone has the capacity to process up to 50,000 kg of seafood per day.

At Krustagroup we cover all stages of the seafood value chain that arrives at your hotel, restaurant or wherever you indicate.







By choosing Krustagroup you are betting on quality and sustainability for your business. These are fundamental elements in today’s hospitality industry.

Our certifications prove it.

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