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At Krustagroup, a seafood distribution and marketing company, we offer a wide variety of high-quality products, from crustaceans, cephalopods, fish, octopus, and even surimi. All carefully selected from the best suppliers in the world. The seafood catalog is specially designed to meet the needs of our wholesalers and distributors in the Horeca sector and retail customers of large and small surfaces.

Our more than 50 years in the fishing industry as a fish and seafood marketer guarantee us.

Trust Krustagroup as your global seafood supplier.

Distributors for your HORECA channel customers

In our catalog, you will find the best seafood and shellfish for your Horeca customers.

At Krustagroup we are the leading seafood supplier in the hospitality industry because we understand the importance of having a trusted partner for your Horeca business.

Providing exceptional service to our customers with punctual deliveries, product availability and quality assurance is our business objective.

Seafood for bulk frozen suppliers

Among our products, you can also find frozen seafood for retailers and large surfaces in bulk. The best frozen seafood for hypermarkets, supermarkets, and consumer stores that seek to offer quality products, always guaranteeing the cold chain.

We are suppliers of the main frozen food companies in the US, you can also join!

Bet on Krustagroup, your wholesale and retail frozen food distributor with its leading consumer brands such as Grand Krust, Krustasur and Frío Condal.

Flexible, profitable solutions adapted to any type of kitchen

Discover our range of Grand Krust products

Grand Krust is the range of products aimed at the final consumer. A selection of the best seafood and fish in the world directly to homes.

23_Langostinos Crudos_Estuche_400g Pequeño

Raw Vannamei Shrimp

Seafood in its purest form

Argentine Raw Red Shrimp Tail

From Patagonia with flavour

Raw Peeled Tail-Off Shrimp

The best foundation

salmon coho grandkrust

Salmon Coho

From good to great

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Quality Seafood

At Krustagroup we are proud to be pioneers in industrial fishing in the US and Europe for more than 50 years, exporting and importing the best seafood all over the world.

We are committed to offering mainly wholesale seafood and fish, a guarantee of the best flavor and quality.

All this while always respecting the environment through the practice of sustainable fishing, selecting wild species in sustainable fishing grounds for our seafood catalog for horeca distributors, retailers and large surfaces. Using selective techniques to minimize the impact on the marine environment and its biodiversity.

This is confirmed by the certifications in food safety and sustainability that we have at Krustagroup.

Since 2007, we are the first seafood distribution company in Spain that has the IFS Logística certificate. Guarantee of transparency and trust that we bring to our B2B clients throughout the supply chain.

This standard also applies to suppliers of frozen fish and seafood, as well as logistics companies that have service providers for their transportation and/or storage activities.


You have doubts? Below we have compiled the most frequently asked questions to help you clear up all doubts and start collaborating together offering the best seafood to your customers.

Our flagship product is the Austral King Prawn, which is mostly frozen on board, however, we also have a frozen product on land.

Our products do not expire per se, but have a preferential consumption time of 24 months from freezing.

Our product is of various origins, always from the best fishing grounds, from sustainable fishing. Find out more in the following link about who we are.

We have several formats and packages, bulk and boxes of 1 and 2 kg for Horeca, and smaller formats for sale to the final consumer. Contact us, and we will detail all the options we have for sale.

Nutritionally, frozen ones retain almost all their value. (It is true that there are some nutrients that are not preserved, for example Omega 3 fatty acids and some vitamins. But the losses are minimal).

In addition, in the case of fish, for example, freezing avoids some contamination, such as the dreaded anisakis.

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