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  • Fishing

  • Custom manufacturing

  • Custom packaging

  • Cold chain management

  • Logistics

  • Export

About us

The Grupo Amasua has had a passionate 50-year relationship with the sea. Fishing has been in our family’s veins for generations and our priority has always been to respect the marine environment and ensure the sustainable development of fisheries.

In numbers

  • Quality

    9 Control units

    We have teams to assure the quality of the seafood at the source: Spain, Argentina, India, Australia, Honduras and Norway.

  • Global

    5 Continents

    We operate in Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Oceania with eight fishing grounds and fish farms.

  • Comercial

    12 Offices

    We provide global commercial support from our sales offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Getafe, Huelva, Lisbon, Vaglia (Italy), Hude (Germany), Clarcuson (Australia), Miami, Shanghai, and London.

  • Production

    18.000 TN

    of seafood sold per year, the equivalent of 70,000 kgs. or four cargo lorries each day.

  • Process

    50.000 Kg

    Our Huelva factory alone can process up to 50,000 kgs. of seafood daily.

  • Innovation


    The company receives its IFS Logistics certification, the first Spanish firm to do so.

The KrustagroupWorld EuropeanUnion Japan Taiwan China United States & Canada Barents Sea Cod, Crayfish, Crab and Lobster Guatemala Prawn vannamei Chile Salmon, mussel and scallop Honduras Prawn vannamei Argentina Prawn and Pota Morocco Octopus Mozambique Tiger Prawn, banana and carabinero Thailand / Myanmar Surimi Choluteca (Honduras) Huelva (Spain) Tromso (Norway) India Australia Buenos Aires, (Argentina) Puerto Madryn (Argentina) Mar del Plata (Argentina) Thailand Lisbon Portugal) Shanghai (China) Clarkson (Australia) Miami (USA) Buenos Aires, (Argentina) Huelva (Spain) Madrid and Getafe (Spain) Barcelona, (Spain) Vaglia (Italy) Hüde (Germania) London (England)
  • Markets
  • Quality controllers at source
  • Fishing grounds and fish farms
  • Commercial offices

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A seafood love story since 1966

Krustagroup has had a passionate 50-year relationship with the sea, selling seafood while respecting the marine environment, being pioneers in industrial fishing in Spain. We are committed to wild seafood and shellfish because it guarantees the finest flavour and texture, while respecting the environment through sustainable fishing practices.

Featured Timeline

The company, Amador Suárez S.A., which operates the freezer ship, Amasua, is incorporated.


Widespread expansion throughout African fishing grounds: Mauritania, Senegal, Angola, Cameroon, and Namibia.

Incorporation of Crustáceos de Mozambique Limitada (Krustamoz) and Mayorista Pesca del Sur S.A.


Incorporation of Frío Condal S.A.

Commitment to extractive diversification through the incorporation of Arbumasa, S.A. in Argentina. The same year, the company also founded Pesca Suribérica, S.A. and Pesquera Punta Arenas, S.A. in Chile.


Opening of Krustasur, S.A., Spain’s first seafood boiler, in Barcelona.

Krustagroup S.A.U. is established, the result of a merger between Mayorista Pesca del Sur S.A. and Frío Condal S.A


Krustagroup named best Spanish food exporter by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food.

Launch of the Grand Krust brand. Fishing operations begin in Morocco.


First Spanish company to obtain the IFS Logistics certification.

IFS Food certification.


Opening the Palos de la Frontera (Huelva) factory, which specialises in the logistics and packaging of PLS products.

BRC food certification. Recipient of the Seafood Prix d’Élite award in the Best Retail Packaging category for PUD Argentine Red Shrimp.


MSC (Sustainable Seafood) certification.

Recipient of the Wabel Award in the Best Retail Chilled & Dairy Product category for Seafood Combo by Grand Krust.
Recipient of the 2016 Product of the Year for Combínalos by Grand Krust.


SAE (Self-monitoring system) certification.

Krustagroup signs a joint venture with the Chilean fishing company Camanchaca S.A. to sell in the United States, Canada, and the European Union through its subsidiary, Camanchaca Inc.


EU Bio Euroleaf and ASC certifications.