Conoce la temporada de langostinos como el gambón argentino

Shrimp Season: Catches Time, Availability and Industry Impact

The Argentine shrimp, also known as southern or Patagonian prawns, is a highly valuable product for the fishing industry. Its development, availability, and fishing is seasonal and varies according to the fleet and the area in which it operates.

Patagonian prawns, which could be found from the southwestern Atlantic Ocean to the southeast of South America, is a highly valuable product for the fishing industry. Its development, availability and fishing is seasonal and varies according to the water temperature, fleet used and the location of the fishing cauldron.

Fishing southern shrimp. A sustainable process.

In the early 1990s, the large number of fishing vessels in the cauldron had negative consequences on biomass. Currently, for the recovery and maintenance of the resource, the capture is carried out using mobile closures. In other words, the restricted fishing zones are alternated to reduce the overexploitation of the resource.


The capture process then consists of carrying out the activity in distant waters for 4 months. After that time, the cauldron is closed and fishing continues in an area near the coast. After 4 months, that cauldron is also closed.


In the capture process, a pole drag technique is used to reduce the impact on the ecosystem. This fishing method consists of the use of two nets held by buttons located at the ends of the boats. It allows trawling at medium height. 

Gráfica de la evolución del desembarque de los langostinos patagonicos
Source: Ministry of Productive Development of Argentina

The high commercial value of shrimp and the use of fishing practices that are less harmful to the environment have encouraged a greater number of vessels in the fishery for this resource in recent decades, also increasing the volume of landings.

Seasonal Seafood Calendar

Generally, the freezer fleet catches in Argentine waters between April and October.


For fishing in coastal waters, freshwater fleets are used. The shrimp harvest is carried out between the months of November and March in provincial waters. For this reason, the season for Argentine prawns is usually the summer season.

Argentinian shrimp. Limited resource availability. 

The Argentine shrimp is a limited marine resource in terms of its availability, since it is a fluctuating, finite and renewable resource. In addition, it is characterized by having a relatively short cycle of up to two years of life.


Therefore, the productive chain of the Patagonian shrimp can be considered dynamic and restricted. It is determined by factors associated with its biological nature. Not by the productivity related to the fishing operations that are carried out.

Seasonal seafood. The impact of the Argentine shrimp in the industry

The Argentine shrimp is a wild, autochthonous and southern product, different from other species of shrimp and prawns. Especially, from the resources obtained through aquaculture. Its great flavor and texture make Argentine shrimp a popular product with an outstanding reputation in the market and international gastronomy.


The world market for shrimps and prawns has also experienced a great expansion in recent years. This is due to the increasing production of aquaculture prawns. This alternative fishing has made it possible to increase the abundance of product supply, penetrating new mass consumption markets. 


In this way, the Argentine shrimp is no longer a product with low and inelastic demand. On the contrary, nowadays it can be reached at any conventional supermarket at a reasonable price.

Gráfica de evolución de exportaciones gambon argentino
Source: Ministry of Productive Development of Argentina

The growing abundance of the resource, its good reputation and demand in international markets have allowed a favorable fishing exploitation of this resource.


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