Las características principales del marisco sostenible en la industria pesquera

The characteristics of sustainable seafood you should know

Fish and shellfish are among the most traded products in the world. But sustainable fishing is the practice that allows the industry to be profitable in the long term and can guarantee a sufficient supply of fish and shellfish to a growing world population. Learn the keys to achieving sustainable seafood.

For centuries, the seas have been seen as an inexhaustible source of marine resources. Currently, we know that more than ¾ of fish stocks are depleted due to overfishing. 


In fact, the world nature conservation organization World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has indicated that the percentage of overexploited fisheries exceeds 90% in some regional areas such as the Mediterranean.


For this reason, at Krustagroup we are committed to sustainable seafood. Products that achieve quality excellence while also promoting the conservation of resources. The characteristics of quality sustainable seafood are different from other products on the market. Reason why it is important to know how to recognize them and be able to make the best purchasing decisions.

Sustainable fishing. An efficient and respectful practice with the marine environment.

Fish and shellfish are among the most traded products in the world. But sustainable fishing is the practice that allows the fishing industry to be profitable in the long term. Allowing to  guarantee a sufficient supply of fish and shellfish to a growing world population.


This strategy does not mean stop fishing. It focuses on catching fish and shellfish in reasonable quantities, according to the availability of the resource and avoiding unwanted catches. Allowing fish and shellfish stocks to recover allows higher quality fishing and it maximizes short-term benefits through better resource management. Also, it ensures long-term resource conservation and the improvement of water quality.

Sustainable seafood. Product characteristics.

Sustainable harvest practices

Sustainable seafood is environmentally friendly seafood that has been consciously caught. It uses fishing methods that respect its habitat, its conservation and the balance of the ecosystem. 


It is done in a way that reduces environmental impact, helping with the carbon footprint, greenhouse gas emissions that can threaten the marine population. It also focuses on ensuring that the marine species that are caught can later reproduce adequately to maintain a healthy and productive fishing activity.

Quality and good taste

Sustainable seafood products respect the life cycle of the captured species, which means that they are caught at their optimal point of development, thus preserving their quality and flavor. A pleasure for the palate that makes a difference in its tasting. It also allows avoiding overfishing and a better regeneration of the shellfish caught.

Product with traceability

The origin of sustainable seafood can be traced, from its capture to its production, information specified on the product label for customers to read. 


It offers greater confidence because it guarantees the supervision, management and control of the product. From its origin until it reaches the shelf. 


They can also learn if the product was caught with wild fishing and sustainable practices or if it is farmed seafood. Consequently, customers can make better purchasing decisions about the sea products they consume. 

It has an ecolabel such as the MC seal

One of the main characteristics to recognize sustainable seafood is that the product has the MSC sustainable fishing seal, also known as the blue fish seal. An eco-label awarded to wild-caught fish or shellfish that meet established sustainable fishing standards.


It is internationally recognized and complies with sustainable fishing practices established by the Food Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and ISEAL, the world association for sustainability standards.


Krustagroup seafood has an MC seal. We offer high-quality products, with a sustainable approach and a vision of constant innovation to remain efficient. 



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