Todo lo que debes saber sobre la congelación IQF

IQF Freezer Technology in Seafood Processing: How does it work?

An excellent technique that helps us preserve the organoleptic and sensory values of our shellfish —nutritional values, texture, flavor and color.

At Krustagroup we have the objective of achieving the best return on investment and offering products with the highest quality standards. For this, we make use of IQF freezing, which allows efficient, fast and individual freezing of delicate foods such as shellfish. An excellent technique that helps us preserve the organoleptic and sensory values of our shellfish —nutritional values, texture, flavor and color.

Find out how this freezing system works in food production and the benefits that frozen foods have with the application of this freezing technology.

Frozen seafood by IQF System

Individualized quick freezing or IQF for short, refers to an efficient and effective freezing technique in terms of preserving the quality and freshness of the product during storage and transport. The system consists of the following processes:

Freezing chamber

In the IQF freezing process, shellfish are placed on a conveyor belt that takes them through a freezer chamber in which very cold air is generated at a temperature of around -40 °C. Cold air circulates around the shellfish, quickly freezing them.

Single frozen

What makes this process unique is that the shellfish are quickly frozen individually, rather than in large whole blocks. This means that each piece is frozen independently, preventing them from sticking together and forming a single dough. In addition, rapid freezing ensures that small ice crystals form inside the product, preventing damage to the fibers and texture of the shellfish.

Shellfish storage

Once the shellfish are fully frozen, they can be removed from the freezer and stored in bags or containers for later use. Since they are individually frozen, you can use just the amount you need, without having to defrost a large amount of shellfish at once.

IQF benefits: Advantages of this freezing system

  • Optimum conservation of the texture, nutritional value, properties and flavor of the shellfish since the cells of the tissues are preserved in the best way.
  • Preservation is more efficient and hygienic, it does not require chemical products for this process.
  • It offers energy efficiency, since the speed of the fans can be adjustable in an IQF freezer, allowing significant energy savings.
  • The sudden change in temperature used by IQF freezing is a more comfortable and practical method for the final consumer, since it allows a higher yield of the product when cooking.

Krustagroup IQF freezing system

As a global supplier and distributor of frozen seafood, at Krustagroup we have a wide variety of products in our catalog using IQF technology. A fast, individual and effective freezing. We treat our seafood from its capture to its distribution with a freezing process in the highest standards of quality maintenance of our products.

If you want to sell frozen seafood offering your customers the best quality, do not hesitate to contact us. We can advise you on how to get the best seafood product for your business.



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