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The main fishing shipyards in the world

In order to carry out an effective fishing activity, highly trained and quality boats are needed. For this reason, fishing boat yards are a vital part of the industry, as they are responsible for the construction and maintenance of boats. Discover with Krustagroup the most important fishing boat shipyards in the world.

What are shipyards?

Shipyards are industrial facilities that specialize in the construction, maintenance, and repair of all types of maritime vessels, including fishing vessels.

These facilities are where the shipbuilding process takes place, from initial design to final delivery of the ship.

Fishing boat shipyards

The main fishing boat shipyards are the following

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Japan)

It is one of the largest shipyards in Japan and has built a wide variety of fishing boats, including tuna boats and trawlers.

Hyundai Heavy Industries (South Korea)

This shipyard is recognized worldwide for its experience in shipbuilding. In addition to cargo ships and oil tankers, it has also built technologically advanced fishing boats.

Piriou (France)

Specializing in the construction of fishing boats and maritime services, Piriou has a solid reputation in the fishing industry and has delivered numerous fishing boats around the world.

Armon Shipyards (Spain)

This Galician shipyard is one of the main fishing boat builders in Europe. Armon has built a wide range of vessels for coastal and deep-sea fishing.

Grupo Amasua, shipyard of Krustagroup professional fishing boats

Krustagroup is part of the Amasua Group, an organization in charge, among other things, of ensuring that fishing vessels are in good condition and that they can capture and deep-freeze on the high seas in the most optimal conditions. In this way we ensure that the properties, nutrients and quality of the seafood are maintained, keeping it fresh and delicious for customers.

Thanks to the maintenance, high performance and latest technology used in the fishing boats provided by the Amasua Group, our vessels currently operate on the 5 continents, helping with the sale of 17,000 tons of shellfish per year.

If you are looking to market seafood offering your customers the best quality, do not hesitate to contact us. We will advise you on how to get the best seafood product for your business.



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