Learn all about the fishing regulations for Argentine shrimp

Fishing regulations: Regulatory framework for the Argentine shrimp

The regulatory framework for the Argentine shrimp in Argentina includes several laws, regulations, and management measures. These fishing regulations are all aimed at ensuring the sustainable and responsible fishing of this species.

Fishing rules and regulations 

Licensing and Quota System

Fishers need to obtain licenses to engage in shrimp fishing. The allocation of fishing quotas is based on various factors, including historical catch records, vessel capacity, and adherence to fishing regulations. The quota system helps control fishing effort and prevents overfishing.

Operation of fishing vessels

There are rules established on the operation of the vessels that direct their catches to the Argentinian shrimp. Said vessels must have: 

  • Fishing permit from the corresponding jurisdiction and authorization of the capture for the species
  • Length up to 40 meters and maximum power of 2000 HP
  • Have poles with shrimp net with a minimum size of the mesh and a maximum height and opening of the gates.
  • Have a device for selective fishing. 

In addition, they must follow the following requirements: 

  • Respect the time limit and the maximum drag speed in fishing operations
  • Carry out an adequate treatment of the resource on board. They must follow the parameters of kilograms of product per box in fresh vessels. This includes having refrigeration equipment and carrying out the processing in accordance with the provisions for freezers
  • Have an inspector or observer on board and hold cargo control certificates for shrimp export operations.

Fishing season and closures 

The Argentine shrimp fishing season is established by the National Fisheries Council. It usually runs from April to December, with specific dates determined each year. Temporary closures or restricted fishing areas may be imposed during the season to protect spawning grounds, nursery areas, or sensitive habitats.

Limitation of catch of the Argentine shrimp

For the management of the fishery, there has been established a quantity limitation for Argentine shrimp fishing:

  • The total catch of the resource authorized per vessel is limited to 2,000 tons per year. However, vessels with a catch authorization with an upper limit are excepted. 
  • The maximum concentration of freezer or fresh vessels for the capture of the species is limited to 18. 
  • A dynamic closure system is established for the opening and closing of areas and/or subareas. It is based on the biological parameters of the species. 
  • Prohibition to carry out bottom trawling operations on the species on certain dates and geographical areas. 


It must be taken into consideration that sanctions are established for not complying with current regulations. It could imply the suspension of the vessel’s registration. Additionally, specific details and requirements of the regulatory framework for Argentine shrimp may evolve over time. It can change when new scientific information becomes available or as management strategies are adjusted to ensure sustainability.



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