About us



Welcome to Krustagroup. Your most reliable seafood supplier. Our company has been catching,  processing and selling seafood worldwide since 1966, when we built our first frozen on board fishing vessel.

Ever since we have been operating fishing fleets and factories not only in Europe but also in Senegal, Angola, , Mauritania, Mozambique, Argentina, Chile and Barent´s sea.

As a premier global seafood provider, Krustagroup partners with the world’s leading foodservice and retail food brands to provide concept-to-table solutions that delight seafood consumers around the globe.

We offer you extensive capabilities to source, develop, produce and distribute custom  seafood solutions anywhere in the world.

At the core of our company is an entrepreneurial passion and agility that brings curiosity and a can-do ethic to customer collaborations. You can turn to Krustagroup for fresh, innovative ways to deliver next-generation food solutions — and turn your ideas into success.


Krustagroup  offers you:

  • Custom food solutions made to your precise specifications
  • Efficient and trustworthy supply chain expertise
  • Exceptional culinary skill and global flavor knowledge
  • Innovative research and design facilities that help bring your menu and meal ideas to life
  • Unsurpassed food safety and quality assurance practices
  • A commitment to sustainability throughout our extensive network


Krustagroup Serves Its Customers By Following These Core Values

  • Seek partnering relationships
  • Strive to continuously improve
  • Explore innovative solutions
  • Work together as a team
  • Do what is best for the group
  • Act with integrity





Calle 100, 33-35 – Pol. Pratenc.

El Prat de LLobregat 08820



Fundidores, 47 – P.I. Los Angeles

Getafe (28906)



La Barca, 7-8 – P.I. Villafría, Puerto Exterior de Huelva

Huelva (21810)


Eduardo del Palacio, 1

Madrid 28002

International offices:


Gral. Paz N. 70, piso 8, Dto. A

Avellaneda (Buenos Aires)



Via Ferraglia 1141E